What the scanning app looks like

Here are some images of the app police are using to stop and scan individuals on the streets, as released by West Yorkshire Police in an Independent Advisory Group meeting in February 2019:

The Person Search app on the police officer’s mobile device
Search options that are presented to the police officer: Search the immigration or the police database, offer a reason for fingerprinting, officer-defined and self-defined ethnicity and then the fingerprint capture image.
An empty search form
A sample completed form, showing both databases being searched due to an Offence (Sec 61 PACE 1984)
A sample completed search form
A sample search result, bringing back the person's names, Date of Birth, gender, Nationality, IBAS Person Identifier number, a search confidence level, notes and an image of the person.
Sample search results
A second example of search results.
Another search result example